For Academia

How is flow chemistry beneficial for Academia?

Continuous flow methods open new routes for a previously unavailable chemical space. Novel structures can be synthesized and new reaction pathways can be discovered by exploiting the advantages of flow chemistry:

  • improved safety
  • precise temperature and pressure control
  • shorter reaction times
  • fast reaction optimization
  • control of the stereochemistry
  • easy scale-up
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Flow chemistry for education

Since ThalesNano finds the education of the researchers of the future essential, we offer robust, easy-to-use and budget friendly systems to widen the chemical and technical knowledge of the students.
The H-Cube® Mini Plus and the H-Cube® Pro are versatile systems for educational purposes as well. Hydrogenation reactions can be performed easily, without the use of cylinders, since the hydrogen is generated by the electrolysis of water inside the systems. The CatCarts® make the handling of the catalysts easy and safe, no filtration is needed. Without hydrogen generation, catalytic reactions that do not require hydrogen, such as C-C coupling reactions can be carried out. Both systems are user friendly and the H-Cube® Mini Plus contains embedded support videos about general use and troubleshooting.

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