Flavour and Fragrance

Flavour and fragrance chemists are constantly focusing on making existing processes more efficient in order to lower the price of the final product or to generate new candidates for olfactory screening. Our customers have successfully utilized our products towards achieving these aims. Below you can find some ways our products can serve your goals.

Catalytic hydrogenation

Using the H-Cube® series continuous flow reactors, chemists at Givaudan were able to screen catalysts rapidly and safely for the selective reduction of a number of compounds including the hydrogenation of a precursor to Pashminol without opening the cyclopropyl group. Low residence time enables higher selectivity coupled with fast screening, results can be found in minutes. The hydrogen is generated by the electrolysis of water, which means that there is no need of cylinders. Reactions can be performed in the fume hood safely and easily. The H-Cube® Pro is capable of all of these, with improved temperature range, hydrogen generation capability and an easy-to-use software.

High temperature chemistry

The capability of the Phoenix Flow Reactor™ to reach 450°C temperature, coupled with residence times of seconds or minutes, results in some very useful chemistry for the flavour and fragrance industry. Using it, reactions like the following can be carried out at high temperatures without destroying the molecules.

  • Pericyclic reactions
  • Cycloadditions and retro-cycloadditions
  • Sigmatropic reactions
  • Extrusion of small molecules (e.g. CO, CO2, N2, etc.)
  • Cleavage of the weakest single bond
  • Ring expansions, ring closings