ThalesNano in the Prizes at the Company of the Year Awards

On November 21st ThalesNano Inc. was once again in the prizes at the Annual Company of the Year Awards, issued by the Hungarian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

ThalesNano was awarded second place in the SME category.

At a formal function in the Corinthia Hotel in Budapest, the company was laudedfor its major achievements in the field of drug discovery and chemical research and development.
Nomination for this award, one of Hungaries most prestigeous, is decided by a panel of experts from business and media, and representatives of the Association.

„The continued advancement of our chemistry and technical research is the driving force behind the growth of the company. We thrive on innovation and from unceasingly moving the boundaries forward. This philosophy is ingrained in all areas’s of the company.” Commented Dr. Ferenc Darvas, President of ThalesNano.

The revolutionary design of the H-Cube, based on micro-flow technology, is by now not only widely adopted by the the pharmaceutical and drug-discovery industry, but also generated several awards. In 2005 ThalesNano picked up an R&D 100 award in Chicago ( often referred to as the ‘Oscars’ of innovation) and in March 2006 won the first prize in the Hungarian Industrial Innovations awards.