ThalesNano Announces the Launch of New Products for Enantio-selective and Stereo-selective Catalytic Hydrogenations


March 20, 2007, Budapest, Hungary – ThalesNano Inc., announced today that it has validated and launched new products and applications for its H-CubeTM bench-top catalytic hydrogenator. H- Cube was recognized as one of the 100 most technologically significant and innovative new products of 2005 by R&D Magazine The new series of CatCartsTM, ThalesNano’s unique catalyst cartridge system for use in its flow reactors, filled with immobilized catalysts will enable scientists to carry out enantio-selective and stereo-selective catalytic hydrogenations while working with the H-CubeTM. These products will be launched at the American Chemical Society’s 233rd National Meeting & Exposition, March 25-29, 2007, in Chicago, IL USA. (for more information visit:

Catalytic hydrogenation is one of the cleanest chemical transformations; however its safe handling has so far required expensive and special dedicated facilities. ThalesNano’s H-CubeTM hydrogenation bench top reactor can perform these transformations safely in standard laboratories even at high pressure and temperature. As a result of the extension of the application area, chemists will be able to perform otherwise complicated enantio-selective hydrogenation reactions in H-CubeTM routinely.

Laszlo Urge, CEO of International Operations said: “These new products will widen the application area of the H-CubeTM hydrogenation reactor significantly. Enantio-selective hydrogenation represents an important transformation in the search for novel biologically active compounds, and is a bottleneck in many of the pharmaceutical industrial processes. It also requires a special infrastructure that makes it less appealing for discovery chemistry. The importance of enantio-selective hydrogenations is underlined by the fact that scientists who were pioneering this field were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2001 for their achievements.

An ever increasing number of chemists throughout the pharmaceutical and biotech industry are utilizing ThalesNano’s revolutionary H-CubeTM, that makes catalytic hydrogenation in laboratories significantly more effective than traditional methods. It also allows easy automation even at high temperature and pressure. This enables chemists to carry out catalyst screening and quick process optimization while scanning a wide parameter range. As a result a large number of discovery protocols are currently created and they will be transferred to development and scale up for the production of clinical materials. Due to the relatively easy scale up with ThalesNano flow reactors, the time required to transfer results from discovery to development could be shortened. Therefore we foresee great potential for entering process chemistry downstream from discovery with this new product family soon. ”

Dr. Ferenc Darvas, President and Chairman at ThalesNano commented “These products have great potential and will make the work of chemists more effective. We are finding more and more applications that cannot be solved with traditional methods. It also underlines that ThalesNano is executing a strategy, where we could provide novel solutions not only for the discovery and for the development phases of the pharmaceutical industry, but for the petrochemical, food and cosmetics industry as well. These integrated solutions could effect both discovery and development and could help solve some of the bottlenecks in the R&D areas.”

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About ThalesNano:

ThalesNano is a technology-intensive company that provides solutions for leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from all over the world. It is specialized in developing and providing microscale flow instruments for chemistry, by exploiting the benefits of combining microfluidics, mezofluidics or nanotechnology with flow chemistry.

The award winning development, H-CubeTM, has been recognized as one of the 100 most technologically significant and innovative new products of 2005 by R&D Magazine is the first in a new wave of continuous-flow hydrogenation reactors. Utilizing water electrolysis to generate hydrogen, with a catalyst cartridge system and with a continuous-flow reactor, the shoe-box sized H-CubeTM makes hydrogenation convenient, more efficient and less hazardous. With this equipment, reactions that are almost impossible to carry out under normal circumstances can be performed. The product is already on the market and Thales Nanotechnology expects that its unique development will revolutionize catalytic hydrogenation in the next decade.

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