Darholding posters and presentations at ACS Fall 2019

We would like to kindly invite you to participate on the presentations of our Colleagues at the ACS Meeting & Exposition:

10:30 27.08.2019 - Continuous flow formulations by fast nanoprecipitation and in silico structure determination of selected agrochemical active ingredients - Tamás Bihari, PhD (tamas.bihari@innostudio.org)
14:55 27.08.2019 - Diversity oriented synthesis of highly substituted heteroarenes using photochemistry and flow technology - Gellért Sipos, PhD gellert.sipos@thalesnano.com

See our colleagues' posters below for ACS Fall 2019. If you are attending the show do not miss the poster presentations.

20:00 26.08.2019 - Novel Nanoprecipitation-based Formulation Technology to enhance reactivity of benzoyl peroxide in aqueous media - Tamás Bihari, PhD (tamas.bihari@innostudio.org)
19:00 28.08.2019 - Continuous Flow Photocatalytic Minisci Reaction Using N-(Acyloxy)phthalimide Esters - Gellért Sipos, PhD (gellert.sipos@thalesnano.com)

If you have any further question, feel free to contact the authors on above e-mail addresses or meet them during the show at booth #2218.

Learn more about the novel nanoprecipitation-based formulation technology below:

Read the poster

Learn more about the continuous flow photocatalytic Minisci reactions below:

Read the poster