Darholding posters and presentations at ACS Fall 2019

We would like to kindly invite you to participate on the presentations of our Colleagues at the ACS Meeting & Exposition:

10:30 27.08.2019 - Continuous flow formulations by fast nanoprecipitation and in silico structure determination of selected agrochemical active ingredients - Tamás Bihari, PhD (tamas.bihari@innostudio.org)
14:55 27.08.2019 - Diversity oriented synthesis of highly substituted heteroarenes using photochemistry and flow technology - Gellért Sipos, PhD gellert.sipos@thalesnano.com

See our colleagues' posters below for ACS Fall 2019. If you are attending the show do not miss the poster presentations.

20:00 26.08.2019 - Novel Nanoprecipitation-based Formulation Technology to enhance reactivity of benzoyl peroxide in aqueous media - Tamás Bihari, PhD (tamas.bihari@innostudio.org)
19:00 28.08.2019 - Continuous Flow Photocatalytic Minisci Reaction Using N-(Acyloxy)phthalimide Esters - Gellért Sipos, PhD (gellert.sipos@thalesnano.com)

If you have any further question, feel free to contact the authors on above e-mail addresses or meet them during the show at booth #2218.

Learn more about the novel nanoprecipitation-based formulation technology below:

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Learn more about the continuous flow photocatalytic Minisci reactions below:

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ThalesNano Introduces MicroCube™ and the PhotoCube™ Series

ThalesNano Introduces MicroCube™, the Groundbreaking Compact Reactor for Ultrafast Heterogeneous Chemistry and the PhotoCube™ Series, Designed for Powerful and Versatile Multiwavelength Photochemistry

BUDAPEST, Hungary and SAN DIEGO, Aug 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ThalesNano Inc. (www.thalesnano.com) announced today that MicroCube™ and the PhotoCube™ series are to be launched at the 258th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition (booth #2218) on the 25th August 2019 in San Diego, California.

The MicroCube™ system is the first compact, handheld instrument designed for chemical route-scouting and receiving instant feedback on reaction success. Fast and efficient processes on microgram scale are now available within minutes, from room temperature to 130°C and from atmospheric pressure to 50 bar. The innovative design enables performance of sensitive reactions without the use of gloveboxes. The instrument exploits the advantages of ThalesNano’s CatCart® technology, allowing safe and easy gas-liquid or gas-liquid-solid phase catalytic reactions, with the use of 12-50 mg catalyst amounts.

Gergely Darvas, CEO of ThalesNano commented: “We are proud to launch the MicroCube™, a cutting edge new instrument for repeated 0.1-2 milligram samples’ synthesis. The system works in a similar fashion to an automatic pipette and opens up solutions unprecedented on the market.”

The PhotoCube™ Series are the first professional photoreactors in the world, that are available as a self-assembly kit as well. Various configurations tailored to the customer’s needs can be applied to a diverse set of batch, flow, stop-flow and CSTR photochemical reactions. Options for multicolor and UV LEDs enable the users to apply up to 7+1 wavelengths even simultaneously and to cover a wide range of chemical applications.

“These reactors make photochemistry accessible to everyone.” Alex Drijver, CEO of ComInnex, a drug discovery company (www.cominnex.com), sister company of ThalesNano, added. “The compact and flexible design is combined with high performance, which makes this modular product series unique. Reactions can be carried out in the same instrument with a range of UV to red lights in an effective and easy manner.”

Between the 25th and 27th August at the San Diego Convention Centre delegates will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with further new products, such as the Back Pressure Module 300™ widening the available chemical space up to 300 bar, and the Dual Channel Gas Module™ to allow two different gases to be used at up to 100 bar pressure in flow chemical setups. Participants will too have a chance to familiarize themselves with ThalesNano’s FlowReact™ open innovation platform for registering flow chemical reactions, utilizing blockchain technology for irrevocable data storage and for contributing to IP protection.

About ThalesNano: ThalesNano, inventor of the award winner H-Cube® series, is the world leader of benchtop flow chemistry instrumentation. The company extends the available chemical space to the extremes and has the widest portfolio of solutions providing laboratory-scale continuous flow equipment and know-how. More than 1400 of their products are used globally by the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemical, petroleum/biofuel industries and in academia, resulting in the highest number of scientific publications in the field. Great emphasis is being put on supporting research and development by engaging in scientific collaborations and education. Their mission is to make flow chemistry part of the daily laboratory routine, allowing chemists to realize safer syntheses and processes, easier and more efficient workflows. The company was founded by Dr. Ferenc Darvas, who is also the Chairman of the oldest Hungarian upstream-technology network.