ThalesNano signs strategic alliance with NanGenex to offer revolutionary nanosizing continuous flow technology service

October 12nd, 2009 – Budapest, Hungary, London, UK and Princeton, USA – ThalesNano, the world leader in bench top flow chemistry reactor development and related chemistry services, announced today a strategic alliance with NanGenex, a nanoformulation technology company. Through this partnership ThalesNano will immediately begin offering a full range of services from chemical synthesis of compounds to nanosized formulation.

ThalesNano is internationally recognized for offering customers a wide range of specialized chemical services using its state of the art flow reactors. These services include custom synthesis and scale up of difficult or hazardous reactions, automated catalyst screening, library production, and custom instrument development. ThalesNano’s deep chemistry and engineering experience coupled with the wide parameter and scale range of their flow reactors means that ThalesNano can provide novel chemistries, fast optimization, and cost and time effective solutions to many industry problems. In addition to these strengths, ThalesNano is now able to deliver nanoformulated compounds: The NanoActive™ technology from NanGenex eliminates the key issues of low solubility and permeability often faced by otherwise promising API candidates.

The NanoActive™ technology overcomes the failures and shortcomings of the commercially available top-down milling and high pressure homogenization based technologies and the properties of the produced nanoparticles can be modified during the synthesis process by the precise control and optimization of various reaction parameters (e.g. pressure, temperature, flow rate, pH and concentration). This can reduce the time it takes to formulate nano-structured active molecules by as much as 90%.

“This new technology further broadens the scope of ThalesNano’s service portfolio.” said Dr. Laszlo Urge, CEO of ThalesNano Inc. “Our customers will benefit significantly from the opportunity to use these integrated and unique services.”

“We are very happy to work with ThalesNano and make nanoformulation a natural choice to create active molecules with superior characteristics.” Gabor Heltovics, CEO of NanGenex said. “This partnership creates an unparalleled critical mass of flow chemistry and nanoformulation and delivers great value to our customers.”

About ThalesNano Inc.
ThalesNano is the world leader in bench-top flow chemistry reactors. The company has the widest portfolio of continuous process instruments for the pharmaceutical, biotech, fine chemical, petroleum/biofuel and education markets. Its R&D 100 award winning H-Cube® and scale-up system H-Cube Mid™ are used in hundreds of laboratories globally and have become the new industry standard for hydrogenation. Within three years from the original introduction of its flagship H-Cube product, 20 out of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies have introduced and adopted the technology.
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About NanGenex Inc.
NanGenex is a Proprietary NanoSolution Technology Platform company based and anchored as a member of the oldest and largest technology corporation network in Hungary which was established more than 25 years ago. It provides breakthrough solutions to develop new generations of NanoActive™ products with significant performance benefits over conventional approaches. The company has a unique platform of proprietary technology solutions encompassing the full R&D and commercialization value chain from upstream research and discovery to full scale product manufacturing and commercialization.
Contact: Gábor Heltovics, MBA, CEO, e-mail:, Telephone: +36-1-880-8472
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