Axel Semrau and ThalesNano Collaborate on Distributing Products

July 7, 2011 – Sprockhövel Germany and Budapest, Hungary, London, UK, Princeton NJ – Axel Semrau and ThalesNano today announced the signing of a collaboration agreement for product distribution in the territory of Germany.

“We are very proud and excited about partnering with Axel Semrau. is a leading distributor for analytical instruments in Germany – said Dr. Ferenc Darvas, president and chairman of ThalesNano Inc. – “Our business in the region has been growing very rapidly and Axel Semrau will be providing our customers with high quality support that Axel Semrau is well known for.”

“We are looking to provide innovative solutions for our pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical and academic customers”, Norbert Wenkel, CEO and Director o Sales of Axel Semrau, said. “ThalesNano’s award winning continuous chemistry products for organic synthesis offer users dramatic speed improvements, safety, rapid scale up, and the ability to expand the chemical space.”

About ThalesNano Inc.:
ThalesNano is a world-leading provider of continuous process chemistry instruments in the rapidly developing market of laboratory and process scale flow reactors. The company has the widest portfolio of bench-top continuous process instruments. Its R&D 100 award winning H-Cube® continuous-flow hydrogenation reactor and the pilot plant scale version H-Cube Mid™ are used in hundreds of laboratories in four continents and have become the new industry standard for hydrogenation.

Contact: Laszlo Urge, Ph.D., CEO, e-mail:, Telephone: +36-1-880-8500

About Axel Semrau GmbH & Co KG:
Axel Semrau GmbH & Co. KG, is one of the largest trading companies and service providers in Germany in the area of instrument-based analysis. For more than 30 years, Axel Semrau® and his team have been active in the sale and support of special solutions for chromatography, mass spectrometry and chemical synthesis, as well as application-optimised workstations in the whole of Germany. Automation of chromatography is one main focus of the company. In order to offer unique and superior automation solutions Axel Semrau® generates own software solutions. Product developments like specialized chromatography software solutions and products for odorization control are marketed and sold throughout the world.

Under the motto “We sense good chemistry …” the company and its staff are committed to exceptional customer support quality.

Contact: Norbert Wenkel, CEO Sales and Marketing, e-mail:, Telephone: +49 2339 12090