General methods for the synthesis and late-stage diversification of 2,4-substituted 7-azaindoles

Varnes, J. G.; McGuire, T.; Meadows, R. E.; Barlaam, B.; Clark, J.; Cook, C. R.; Davison, G.; Dishington, A.; De Savi, C.; Donald, C.; Grebe, T.; Hande, S.; Hawkins, J.; Hird, A. W.; Holmes, J.; Lister, A.; Lucas, S.; Moore, J.; Moore, E.; Patel, A.; Pike, K. G.; Roberts, B.; Stark, A.; Stead, D.; Thakur, K.; Turner, P.; Vasbinder, M.; Yang, B.; Tetrahedron Letters, 2016, 57, 4718-4722

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