Hepatitis C virus NS5A replication complex inhibitors. Part 6: Discovery of a novel and highly potent biarylimidazole chemotype with inhibitory activity toward genotypes 1a and 1b replicons

Belema, M.; Nguyen, V. N.; Romine, J. L.; St. Laurent, D. R.; Lopez, O. D.; Goodrich, J. T.; Nower, P. T.; O’Boyle, D. R.; Lemm, J. A.; Fridell, R. A.; Gao, M.; Fang, H.; Krause, R. G.; Wang, Y.; Oliver, A. J.; Good, A. C.; Knipe, J. O.; Meanwell, N. A.; Snyder, L. B.; J. Med. Chem., 2014, 57, 1995-2012

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