Structure-activity relationship studies of mitogen activated protein kinase interacting kinase (MNK) 1 and 2 and BCR-ABL1 inhibitors targeting chronic myeloid leukemic cells

Cherian, J.; Nacro, K.; Poh, Z. Y.; Guo, S.; Jeyaray, D. A.; Wong, Y. X.; Ho, M.; Yang, H. Y.; Joy, J. K.; Kwek, Z. P.; Liu, B.; Wee, J. L. K.; Ong, E. H.; Choong, M. L.; Poulsen, A.; Lee, M. A.; Pendharkar, V.; Ding, L. J.; Manoharan, V.; Chew, Y. S.; Sangthongpitag, K.; Lim, S.; Ong, S. T.; Hill, J.; Keller, T. H.; J. Med. Chem., 2016, 59(7), 3063-3078

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