ThalesNano Announces The Launch Of H-Cube Mid™

ThalesNano announces the launch of H-Cube Midi®, its next generation hydrogenation technology product applicable for process development

Budapest Hungary, Princeton New Jersey and London, UK October 8, 2007. ThalesNano Inc. announced today that it has launched the latest of its Cube® flow reactor series, H-Cube Midi®. . This novel product is now commercially available and validated with several important chemistry applications.

The H-Cube Midi® is designed to fulfill the requirements of process scale flow hydrogenation. Based upon the current H-Cube® technology platform, the H-Cube Midi® is designed to increase the capacity of the present H-Cube® up to kg quantities per day without compromising efficiency and safety.

Dr. Laszlo Urge, CEO of ThalesNano commented: “H-Cube Midi® was designed in response to increasing customer needs to be able to scale up reactions optimized on H-Cube®. Several pharmaceutical companies have adopted H-Cube® as the first choice for hydrogenation in discovery. As compounds move from discovery to development, there is a need to increase the scale up to kg levels as fast as possible. The H-Cube Midi® allows the optimization and transition from mg scale to kg levels to be performed within a day. The increase in productivity and the savings in cost and time are expected to be significant for those R&D organizations who have adopted this technology.”
“The launch of this new product underlines that we are executing a complex strategy and building a product portfolio in the flow chemistry area. Our product development strategy is designed to provide integrated continuous flow solutions from discovery to full scale production and could help solve some of the bottlenecks in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries” stated Dr. Ferenc Darvas, President and Chairman at ThalesNano.

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About ThalesNano:

ThalesNano is a technology-intensive company that provides chemical solutions in discovery, process development and production for pharmaceutical and chemical companies. The Company specializes in developing and providing microscale flow instruments for chemistry, by exploiting the benefits of combining micro- and meso-fluidics and nanotechnology with flow chemistry.

The award winning development, H-Cube®, has been recognized as one of the 100 most technologically significant and innovative new products of 2005 by R&D Magazine and is the first in a new wave of continuous-flow hydrogenation reactors. Utilizing water electrolysis to generate hydrogen, with a catalyst cartridge system and with a continuous-flow reactor, the shoe-box sized H-Cube® makes hydrogenation convenient, more efficient and less hazardous. With this equipment, reactions that are extremely challenging to carry out with traditional methods can be performed. These products are already on the market and utilized by 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world.

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