ThalesNano and ETH Zurich collaborate on Flow Chemistry Technologies

Budapest/Zurich, October 25, 2007. ThalesNano Inc. and ETH Zurich, ThalesNano today announced collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) on flow chemistry applications. The agreement will focus on the application of chemistries and technologies utilizing ThalesNano’s products to solve difficult chemistry applications.

Dr. Laszlo Urge, CEO of ThalesNano Inc., said “We are extremely pleased to be able to collaborate with one of the top research universities in the world. This collaboration will enable us to utilize our technology and to jointly develop novel applications that will serve the entire scientific community. Our products are in use at all major pharmaceutical, agrochemical and chemistry companies and also support in-house scientists in developing their own novel applications. The technology developed as part of this collaboration may result in spin-off opportunities in future.”

Professor Peter Seeberger whose laboratory at ETH Zurich is leading the project said “We are delighted to have this collaboration with the foremost company in flow chemistry instrument and application development. This is a very exciting area of technology, and in it we anticipate being able to contribute to the development of novel chemistries. There are a lot of scientific and technical advantages in this field. We are looking forward to the combined exploration. ”

Professor Ferenc Darvas, president and chairman of ThalesNano Inc. said: “This agreement again highlights the interest that the academic world has shown in using our products, such as H-Cube, H-Cube Tutor and X-Cube, to develop applications. ETH Zurich and other leading universities are proactive, taking the lead in application development. Our work with ETH Zurich underscores that academic collaboration with industry is key to the full implementation and utilization of novel technologies.

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About ThalesNano Inc.

ThalesNano is a technology-intensive company that provides solutions for leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies all over the world. It specializes in developing and providing microscale flow instruments for chemistry by exploiting the benefits of combining microfluidics, mezofluidics or nanotechnology with flow chemistry.

R&D Magazine recognized the award winning development, H-CubeTM, as one of the 100 most technologically significant and innovative new products of 2005. H-CubeTM is the first in a new wave of continuous-flow hydrogenation reactors. Utilizing water electrolysis to generate hydrogen, a catalyst cartridge system and a continuous-flow reactor, the shoe-box sized H-CubeTM makes hydrogenation convenient, more efficient and less hazardous. X-Cube is a high-pressure, high-temperature flow reactor. With these tools, reactions that are almost impossible to carry out under normal circumstances can be safely performed. .

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ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) has a student body of over 13,000 students from 80 nations. Nearly 360 professors teach mainly in engineering sciences and architecture, system-oriented sciences, mathematics and natural sciences, as well as carry out research that is highly valued worldwide. Distinguished by the successes of 21 Nobel laureates, ETH Zurich is committed to providing its students with unparalleled education and outstanding leadership skills.