Industry Leader ThalesNano Delivers 500th H-Cube® to Prestigious Institute in China

BEIJING, BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, and LONDON – (April 27, 2010) – ThalesNano Inc. announced that it has delivered its 500th H-Cube®. Citing reasons of safety, efficiency and ease of use, the Beijing Institute of Technology has recently purchased the 500th H-Cube® flow hydrogenation system built by ThalesNano Inc.

Since its launch in 2004, sales of the H-Cube® have grown substantially every year as scientists worldwide have experienced the great benefits it offers over traditional batch methodologies used for hydrogenation.

Professor Li of the Beijing Institute of Technology said, “The H-Cube is becoming recognized in China as the new standard for bench top Hydrogenation. Utilizing this technology will make a significant impact on the efficiency of our research efforts and help us to stay in the forefront of chemistry. It will also help us to make chemical transformations that are difficult or impossible with traditional technologies.”

“We are delighted to deliver our 500th H-Cube®,” commented Dr. Laszlo Urge, CEO of ThalesNano Inc. “It is no surprise that this landmark system was acquired by a leading Chinese Institute. China has a worldwide reputation for innovation and efficiency and its scientists always diligently select the best technologies available. Recent purchases by some of the country’s biggest companies have really raised awareness of the H-Cube®, resulting in China becoming one of our fastest growing markets.”

The H-Cube® Continuous-flow Hydrogenation Reactor is a bench-top standalone hydrogenation device, uniquely combining continuous-flow microchemistry with endogenous on-demand hydrogen generation and a disposable catalyst cartridge system. Compared to conventional methods, it allows safer, faster and more cost-efficient hydrogenation with superior yield. The H-Cube® and the other novel Cube series flow reactor systems developed by ThalesNano Inc. are showing tremendous benefits in the drug discovery process including shortened development time, increased cost efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

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About ThalesNano Inc.:
ThalesNano is a world-leading provider of continuous process chemistry instruments in the rapidly developing market of laboratory and process scale flow reactors. The company has the widest portfolio of bench-top continuous process instruments. Its R&D 100 award winning H-Cube® continuous-flow hydrogenation reactor and the pilot plant scale version H-Cube Midi® are used in hundreds of laboratories in four continents and have become the new industry standard for hydrogenation.

About Beijing Institute of Technology:
The institute was founded by Chinese central government in 1958. It initially produced penicillin starin in China and has since become the major state institute in China for drugs acting against infectious diseases and other major human diseases. There are 400 people working at the institute.
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