ThalesNano Cements Place as Flow Chemistry Market Leader With 700th Reactor

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY–(Marketwire – Oct 9, 2012) – ThalesNano is proud to announce that sales of its novel flow reactors reached 700 complete systems. The number of publications based on these flow reactors has also surpassed 150. First launched in 2005, ThalesNano offers a range of microscale flow based reactors used in chemistry research. The 700th unit, an H-Cube Pro, will be installed in Shanghai at a perfume and flavor manufacturer.

“We have always been focused on enabling chemists to achieve results with their chemistry that they cannot do with standard equipment,” said Richard Jones, CEO of ThalesNano Inc. “Whether it’s bringing back hazardous chemistry, such as hydrogenation, to the lab or enabling chemists to access a wider parameter space to synthesize novel molecules, ThalesNano has developed reactors to do this safer, faster, and simpler. On behalf of all employees at ThalesNano, let me express our gratitude to our customers who have contributed to our success and presence on 6 continents and in more than 30 countries.”

ThalesNano has recently launched the latest version of its best-selling R&D 100 award winner product, the H-Cube Pro. Several upcoming low cost reactor modules will expand the chemistry capabilities still further. Chemists can look forward to utilizing other gases such as carbon monoxide, oxygen, or Syngas on the same instrument they already use for their hydrogenations. The upcoming Phoenix Flow Reactor allows homogeneous reactions to be performed at higher than microwave temperatures and pressures. With the broadest range of flow reactors, ThalesNano is the “go to” company for flow chemistry.

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About ThalesNano

ThalesNano is the world leader in bench-top flow chemistry reactors. The company has the widest portfolio of bench-top continuous process instruments for the pharmaceutical, biotech, fine chemical, petroleum/biofuel, and education markets. Its R&D 100 award winning H-Cube® and scale-up system H-Cube Mid™ are used in hundreds of laboratories globally and have become the new industry standard for hydrogenation. Within three years from the original introduction of its flagship H-Cube® product, 20 out of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies have introduced and adopted the technology.

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MIT’s Prof. Klavs Jensen Wins IUPAC-ThalesNano International Prize For Outstanding Work In Flow Chemistry

IUPAC and ThalesNano have announced at the 2nd International Conference of the Flow Chemistry Society in Munich that the International Flow Chemistry Prize was awarded to Prof. Klavs Jensen, Warren K Lewis Professor and Department Head, Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT. The prize was awarded in recognition of Prof. Jensen’s extensive activities and publications, which have made an outstanding contribution to the field of flow chemistry both in academia and industry.

During his acceptance speech, Prof. Jensen said: “Dr. Ferenc Darvas, thank you for this tremendous honor and for your leadership of the Flow Chemistry field. Also thank you to Prof. Droescher for supervising this special IUPAC prize. I would also like to thank my many colleagues in the flow chemistry and microreactor communities, my colleagues at MIT (Prof. Bawendi, Buchwald, and Jamison), and importantly, my students and postdocs. I have learnt a lot from everyone!”

Dr. Ferenc Darvas, President and Chairman of ThalesNano Inc., commented: “It’s a great honor for both ThalesNano and myself personally to be able to present this award to Prof. Jensen in recognition of such a talented scientist and contributor to the field flow of chemistry. It is my hope that this award will turn the face of the chemistry community in 2012 towards this interesting and elegant synthetic technique.”

Dr. Michael Droescher, Chairman of the IUPAC Committee on Chemistry and Industry, added: “Congratulations to Prof. Jensen on this award. The dramatic impact of flow chemistry in recent years and decades deserves an acknowledgement from the IUPAC. As a respect for all the chemists’ work in this field, we are delighted to contribute to this prize hoping it will bring more attention towards such a valuable technique.”

About ThalesNano, Inc.:
ThalesNano is a world-leading provider of continuous process chemistry instruments in the rapidly developing market of laboratory and process scale flow reactors. The company has the widest portfolio of bench-top continuous process instruments. Its R&D 100 award winning H-Cube® continuous-flow hydrogenation reactor is used in hundreds of laboratories and has become the new industry standard for hydrogenation.

About IUPAC:
IUPAC was formed in 1919 by chemists from industry and academia. For over eight decades, the Union has succeeded in fostering worldwide communications in the chemical sciences and in uniting academic, industrial and public sector chemistry in a common language. Recently, IUPAC has been pro-active in establishing a wide range of conferences and projects designed to promote and stimulate modern developments in chemistry.

About the Flow Chemistry Society:
The Flow Chemistry Society was formed by internationally recognized flow chemistry experts in 2010 to unite and represent those who are actively working on this rapidly developing field. The Society is dedicated to enhancing the public appreciation of flow chemistry and its integration into everyday practice throughout the world by delivering the latest knowledge and making it available for the entire chemistry community.