New CEO at leading flow chemistry company, ThalesNano

BUDAPEST, Hungary, March 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ThalesNano announces that is has appointed Gergely Papp as CEO.  Gergely’s unique 20+ years’ experience in financial management supports the further development of ThalesNano. He has been working for the company for 6 years as a chief financial officer and successfully grounded ThalesNano’s financial operations. Before joining ThalesNano he worked as a general and strategic manager in an IT related company and as chief financial officer at a logistics company in Hungary. Gergely holds an M.Sc. degree in economics.

“It is a great honor for me to be appointed to the CEO position and being supported by both the stakeholders and employees of ThalesNano,” said Gergely.

Alex Drijver, former CEO of ThalesNano will continue to serve as a board member and “Head of Strategic Development” whilst remaining CEO of our sister company, ComInnex Inc. We cannot thank him enough for his leadership and contribution to our success through the years.

“I am delighted that Gergely accepted this offer, with him in this position ThalesNano will maintain its financial success. As a board member I will advise and support Gergely, while I can focus more on new business developments for ComInnex and ThalesNano” – commented Alex.

The teaming of Gergely and Alex, with a unique mixture of business and economics experiences provides a strong leadership team to secure the ongoing growth of the company. Today’s announcement follows another strong year for ThalesNano which also saw the company awarded two significant R&D EU Grants.


For further information please contact Mr. Gergely Papp, CEO. E-mail: