Introducing the new PhotoCube™

The PhotoCube™ is the first multi-wavelength instrument available for advanced photochemical applications.This reactor enables the implementation of multi-wavelength batch and continuous flow photochemicalreactions. The multicolour option ranges from UVA to red. With the opportunity to select the colour of the LEDs, the system can be fine-tuned for specific wavelengths and applications, furthermore, multiplewavelengths can be utilized at the same time.

Compared to the prototype announced and shown at the ACS ’19 Fall exhibition, the instrument (previously known as PhotoCube™ Pro) has been renamed to PhotoCube™, and has received a new cover design and a few technical upgrades.

The single-wavelength continuous flow photochemical reactor, previously known as PhotoCube™ is no longer available.

Stay tuned for more information, including our upcoming webinar on photochemistry.

To learn more about the PhotoCube™, please visit our product page.