Versatile chemistry examples performed on the Phoenix high temperature, high pressure flow reactor

The ability to explore wider chemistry space to discover new chemistry and compounds is becoming increasingly more critical as increased R&D costs go hand in hand with lower new registered molecules year on year. To achieve this, we, as chemists, must seek to expand the capabilities that we have in the lab in terms of temperature and pressure, but in a reliable and safe way. The Phoenix Flow Reactor is technology designed specifically for this process. With the ability to perform homogeneous and heterogeneous chemistry up to 450 °C and 200 bar, the Phoenix Flow Reactor is versatile enough to create new or improve on existing chemistry. In this application note, we demonstrate the flexibility of the Phoenix Flow Reactor by presenting various applications such as N-substitution, thermal Boc-removal, scalable Claisen-rearrangement and synthesis of soluble polyphosphide anions.