Webinar: Flow Chemistry Basics II.

As a new initiative in our free webinar series, we would like to give all of you a detailed introduction into the world of flow chemistry. By summarizing the most important related topics, we aim to support both the newcomers and professionals in this field.

After the large interest in and success of our recent ”Flow Chemistry Basics I.” webinar, we present Part Two, focusing on laboratory-scale applications of continuous flow chemistry, including:

  • Hydrogenation reactions in flow
  • Reactions with other gases
  • High temperature/high pressure reactions
  • Flash vacuum pyrolysis
  • Hazardous reactions in flow
  • Photochemistry
  • Scale-up flow experiments

If you would like to join our webinar, do not hesitate to register using the folowing link: https://thalesnano.com/subscribe-for-webinars/

In the meanwhile, you can access more useful information. Come explore the  world of flow chemistry and find all the potential of this field.